The CAN PCB allows for the creation of a star topology for the CAN bus. The board features screw terminals for connecting Talons, the PDP, Roborio, and other devices. There's also spots for optional termination resistors and jumpers allowing solderless enable/disable of the termination resistors. The plans on github include Eagle board and schematic files along with STLs for a 3d printable holder/mount.

Star Board v9

The Star Board v9 prototype from 4e33fc3590 have arrived and been tested. They work! See photos and more details here


The CAN PCB was initially created by Arvind Srinivasan during the 2017/2018 season. The intent was to both simplify wiring and improve CAN resilience. The first public release was posted to Chief Delphi in March 2018.


RoboLoCo's CAN PCB

CAN Information


PCB Manufacturing


Board Layout PCB Holder
In Action - [RoboLoCo's 2019 Robot](/robots2019) In Action - [RoboLoCo's 2018 Robot](/robots2018)
First Draft 2018 Final
2019 Giveaway Boards 2019 Giveaway Board


Real World

In 2018 when RoboLoCo first used the CAN PCBs there were no CAN related issues. They were used on the 2018 Robot in two district events, district championships, and bunnybots in 2019. This is on top of numerous non-competition uses and demos.


No lab testing has occured to validate the average throughput, speed, and data loss experienced.

2019 Kit Giveaways


RoboLoCo is giving away 100 CAN Hub PCB kits. The kits include all parts needed to make the most common configuration of the CAN Hub. Optional termination resistors and the associated jumpers are not normally needed. All that's needed is to solder the provided screw terminals to the PCB.

Requesting A Kit

  1. Email
  2. Check out the GitHub Repo for more details
  3. Wait a bit
  4. Check mail
  5. Do a little dance!

FRC Legality

The PCBs have been used in previous years by RoboLoCo. Since rules require parts to be made during the build season it's necessary to have them remade every year. The ones distributed in kits and used on the RoboLoCo 2019 Robot were all manufactured during the 2019 build season. Detailed discussion on the legality, 2018 giveaway, and CAN considerations is posted here.

Parts List (Star Board v7)


See in GitHub.

3d Printable Mount

See in GitHub.

RoboLoCo's 2019 Robot's PCBs

The PCBs used on the RoboLoCo's 2019 Robot were produced as prototype run of eight boards. This was done to ensure that they arrived in time. The kit board are identical except they were mass produced, have a different mask color, and use ENIG.

Kit Parts Cost

  • $3.08 Per PCB
  • $0.90 Per Ten Screw Terminals
  • Total Kit Cost: $3.98

2018 Kit Giveaways

A kit was released in 2018 similar to the 2019 kit. The 2018 announcement is posted here.