Battery-Breaker-PDP Wiring

Created Feb. 25, 2019, 8:18 a.m. by Paulson M

For the 2019 season RoboLoCo is using 4 AWG stranded copper wire (welding cable style) for batteries and wiring between the battery connector, PDP, and main breaker.

The welding cable in use is very flexible despite the heavy gauge and also features insulation that handles high temperatures very well. Where "high temperatures" would be at least those experienced when soldering connectors on with a propane torch.

This heavy wire will both reduce loss due to wire resistance (smaller gauge=higher resistance=more loss as heat) and help reduce the risk of brownouts. Although given the 14 motors plus compressor in use, nothing FRC-legal will prevent brownouts fully without code-based controls to prevent too many from being used at once.

For more information see the many posts about using wire gauges larger than the FRC recommended minimum of 6 AWG.

Battery Mount

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