Sneak Peak - New CAN PCB

Created Jan. 26, 2020, 9:19 p.m. by Paulson M

Prototypes Have Arrived!

RoboLoCo's latest prototype for its CAN PCB has arrived.

One of the raw boards...

Action Shot

The board below has the screw terminals soldered on and is mounted in a brand new 3d printed PCB holder.

It features room for up to 24 connections per board PLUS a shield. The shield, misleading marked as "ground", is intended for use when shielded twisted pair cabling is in use. The shield hooks to the "ground" connection while the twisted pair hooks to the "high" and "low".

The shield/ground can be grounded. Although doing so on a FRC legal robot represents a slight risk in terms of shorts causing other problems. Mainly around inspection time when the chassis is tested to ensure it's not connected to either the positive or negative rails on the electrical system.