2019 Deep Space

Robot Name

Dr. Rivets

The Challenge

See Official Game Video


  • Climbing - All three platforms
  • Hatch placement - any height via arm
  • CAN PCB to increase resilience and simplify wiring
  • Chain Drive
  • Optical switches and mechanical limit switches



High Climb [720p] [4k]

Early Low Climb [720p] [1080p]

Robot Photos

2019 Robot

New Hatch Mechanism

In The Pits At Battlefield High School Competition

Small Climb

Mid To High Climb

Wiring (Early in build)

Lowest Platform

2019 Robot With Previous Mechanism


The CAN PCBs, first used on the 2018 robot, are being used on the 2019 robot. Two of the 10-port units are connected together to provide enough ports for all of the talons and other CAN devices. Shielded CAT6 (unshielded CAT5 would have been fine) was used to provide 4x bus lines between some more distance talons and the CAN PCBs.

A third CAN PCB is in use. Instead of providing a CAN bus it's being used for power distribution to sensors.

Stack of Two CAN PCBs